If your teeth are not as white as you would like, you may wish to consider tooth whitening. At Towngate Dental Practice, we offer two main types of tooth whitening: in-chair Blanc One treatments, and our home whitening system Boutique White.

Often patients complete a tooth whitening course in advance of restorative treatment on their front teeth, to allow the new crowns, veneers or bridges to be colour-matched with their whitened natural teeth.


For Boutique White, first an impression is taken of the teeth. The dental lab uses this to prepare a custom-made tray to fit over your teeth. You apply the whitening gel supplied to the tray before placing it over your teeth. Different gels are available for overnight and daytime use. Full guidance is given by the dentist or hygienist, with periodic review appointments to check on progress.

With Blanc One, the dentist or hygienist applies a special gel to the teeth, which is then activated using ultra-violet light. Long and short treatments are available. The results are immediate, but tend not to be as long lasting as with the home whitening system. However, it is possible to use both systems in combination for results which are both fast and longer lasting!

Please ask your dentist or hygienist for further information.